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Nature et Harmonie® White or Coloured Water-based Lacquer is a highly-resistant paint for protecting all interior and exterior base surfaces (wood, plaster and derivatives, metal painted beforehand with a primer).

Containing no solvent, no VOC and no formaldehyde, White or Coloured Water-based Lacquer is in compliance with the EU Toy Standard, the food standard and the European Ecolabel. Practically odourless, this lacquer respects the environment and is specifically recommended for walls and ceilings in school environments, hospitals, cafeterias, food-processing industry, kitchens, bathrooms, retirement homes, day-nurseries, etc. White Water-based Lacquer has incredible covering properties and boasts a beautiful matte, satiny or shiny appearance which dries quickly and is very easy to use. Its versatility allows it to be perfect for radiators already covered with a primer.

Our Colour Workshop and colorimetry laboratory are at your service proposing thousands of available tones in our dyeing machine. Precise, rapid and reliable, the N&H Colours® system will offer you a choice of refined tones with an exceptional intensity. This paint can also be coloured with our beautiful collection of Earth, Mineral and Spinel Pigments.

Made from principally renewable and non-toxic vegetable and mineral raw materials, the Nature et Harmonie® paint range combines tradition and innovation for healthy living and durable environmental protection.

The White or Coloured Water-based Lacquer : an ecofriendly water based lacquer and VOC free !

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